2 Expressionists


Opening Reception at THE ART PLACE WYNWOOD, Friday, April 13, 6-10 pm.

The Art Place Wynwood, is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings featuring the work of Horst Kohlem and Danilo Gonzalez selected by Diane Camber, Independent Curator and Director Emerita of the Bass Museum of Art.

In this show Ms. Camber has juxtaposed two artists of different generations and nationality.  Both have exhibited extensively and internationally.  Kohlem divides his time between studios in Karlsruhe (he is a graduate of the prestigious Karlsruhe Academy) and Miami Beach, where he has had a home and studio for over thirty years.  Gonzalez, a native of the Dominican Republic maintains a studio and The Art Place Wynwood, after living and working for many years in France and Venezuela as well as in Santo Domingo.

Each of them has produced notable work in a number of media and is recognized as a significant creator of both painting and sculpture. Kohlem’s paintings and sculpture may be found in numerous private and public collections including the Bass Museum of Art, Museo de Arte Moderno, Sao Paulo, Queens Museum and museums throughout Germany. Gonzalez’s work can be found in several collections around the world, which includes the Housatonic Museum of Connecticut, Musèe du Colombie in France, Museum of Modern Art in the Dominican Republic, and el Centro Leon, Museo del Hombre Dominicano.

Through the paintings she has selected, Ms. Camber highlights that which is complementary as well as that which is distinct in their respective oeuvres. While both weave form and texture masterfully across expansive canvasses, one uses color and the other grisaille to accomplish his mysterious imagery which transcends boundaries of time and place.

The exhibition concludes April 27th and can be seen at The Art Place Wynwood

2722 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127 (Wynwood Art District).

Contact: Molly Bo, Assistant Director at 786.709.1842 or theartplacewynwood@gmail.com

I have a deep concern about human behavior and the destruction of our planet. My concern leads me to create art works that address the viewer beyond boundaries of culture and nations. My pieces are intended to make us think about our collective place and to move us to accept responsibility for our actions to one another and to the Earth.
Time is a very important concept in my work. I attempt to overcome its transitory nature and reduce the significance of chronology by focusing on the “timeless” character of my work as a revolving cycle, taking objects and ideas out of their normal context and turning them into relics of another age. My paintings and sculptures appear to be remnants of past cultures, excavated from the earth still bearing the marks of other civilizations. Their surfaces look like oxidized metallic crusts, which give them an archaic dimension.