People’s Choice Awards

Our “First Annual Juried Painting Show”  has come to a close.  We are thrilled with the results and would like to thank all who showed us support in this undertaking.  We must congratulate ALL of our Juried Painting Show Artists for thier contributions.  Now at the exhibition’s close we have the priveledge of counting the ballots and “likes” and of presenting our two People’s Choice Awards in two catagories: Gallery and Facebook.


The Gallery People’s Choice Award goes to Dale Stryker for the painting “Sunny Ojai.”  Congratulations Dale Stryker!


The Facebook People’s Choice Award goes to Tesa Burch for the painting “Digital Front Row Seat to Our Lovers Moving On.”   Congratulations Tesa Burch!

Winners of our First Annual Juried Painting Show!

We want to congratulate all of the 19 Participating artists of our First Annual Juried Painting Show. Our opening was a success because of you.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our First Annual Juried Painting Show!

First Place – Debra Yates
Second Place – Lauren FoggHonorable Mention – Marcela Garcia BoniniHonorable Mention – Vincent Forte SillieSpecial Thanks to Diane Camber and Emilio Adan Martinez for their great collaboration.