I have a deep concern about human behavior and the destruction of our planet. My concern leads me to create art works that address the viewer beyond boundaries of culture and nations. My pieces are intended to make us think about our collective place and to move us to accept responsibility for our actions to one another and to earth itself.


I am most moved by my struggle to understand where I fit into this ever expanding universe. I continuously search for the visual patterns that repeat throughout every detail of the natural world. In witnessing the effortless motion as a swarm of bees or a school of fish reacts as a single organism, I am able to catch a glimpse of those patterns. My painting process allows me to access those same profound feelings of connection and understanding. It is a place where colors evolve and pigments flow like sediment in a river of capillary motion. I fill my canvases with pure colors and elegant symmetries while juxtaposing the simple and complex systems that connect all forms of life.


As an artist I have always felt that if you need words to describe your work, your work isn’t doing its job. I hope my pieces communicate visually what I find hard to communicate verbally – and that is my view of the world as a complex, dynamic, challenging construct. Perhaps we all try as artists to simplify our world just a little bit.


As an abstract painter/spatial designer, I am always surprised by the changes in my work. These recent works seem to have a vibrant mind of their own. Large gestures are spontaneous and the paintings evolve from there. Part of the light and joyful feel of this body of work came in part from my studio at the Studios of Key West. My studio is large and sunny with high ceilings. I feel free to come and go, leave the work, lock the door…being there is a wonderful thing. Happiness and love of life is evident in every painting. My work has always been about proportion, scale, balance, color and texture. What happens after I begin a piece is always a surprise. Line and shape create a harmony that when each painting is complete is in perfect balance. Colors change with my mood or the colors that I see on my island. Much of my inspiration stems from the 15 trips to Brazil to visit my dear friend and mentor, Roberto Burle Marx, and from my island roots.


From the time Lauren Fogg was born she has been a world traveler. Growing up in a military family in Germany, she had seen most of Europe by the time she was 7, which has engrained her with endless love for traveling. While she enjoys visiting cities of the world, her real passion is to explore the great outdoors and its natural wonders. Trips throughout North America, Europe and Asia’s vast wildernesses have become the muses for the painting of her abstracted landscapes. Lauren graduated from the University of West Florida with her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in 2009. She has been commissioned for multiple large scale works, including a painting for the University of West Florida’s Psychology Building entitled “It’s Quiet in Montana,” as well as works for her personal collectors in the Northwest Florida and Memphis, Tennessee areas. Lauren now lives in Memphis, where she has had a solo exhibition in downtown Memphis’ restaurant Flight as well as a solo exhibition in the Energy Gallery in Memphis’ South Main Art’s District. She works as a full time artist, focusing her energy on building up a large body of work that expresses her love of nature through the medium of oil paint.

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