VIP staged reading of “The Porch”


Please join us for an intimate evening at The Art Place Wynwood gallery for the staged reading of “The Porch” by David O’Connor. Actors: John Katsoul, Terrance Murphy & Jessica Bircann

The Porch:

Oscar, an international blogger has come hometore-build. Childhood buddy, Jarrett has never left town, never stopped building. Maia has just arrived.

Will they construct or deconstruct?

Can the local and the global live in harmony?

Will the porch stand the test of time?

the porch

What: Three actors reading an original play.

When: March 22, 2013

Where: 2722 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33127

Time: 7pm. Drinks and chat at 8:30pm.


We are please to announce that our second location, Wynwood Warehouse Project has a fully functioning website now!

wwpFLYERprintPlease take a moment to look around and see all of the services that we have to offer, including our ARTIST COOP!

Join the Wynwood Warehouse Project’s Artist Co-Op and receive the following yearly benefits:


Debra Yates’ Solo Exhibition of Painting : Intrepid WORK

The Art Place Wynwood, presents Intrepid WORK, a solo exhibition of simple yet strong, large-scale paintings by Debra Yates. 


Exhibition dates:  January 4 – 21, 2013

Opening reception is Thursday, January 10, 6-9 PM

Wynwood Art Walk,  Saturday, January 12, 6-11 PM.  

In the summer of 2012, Debra Yates won ‘Best in Show’ at The Art Place Wynwood’s 1st Annual Juried Painting Show. Now the Key West painter \ spatial designer, returns for a solo show in the Wynwood Art District and puts a modern spin on Abstract Expressionism. 

Growing up in Key West may have provided Yates with island roots, but she is also well traveled. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in advertising design, she studied art history in Florence, Italy, began her design career in New York, and visited her friend and Mentor Roberto Burle Marx, the renowned father of modern landscape architecture & abstract painter, in Brazil annually.

 A recent trip to the Venice Biennale proved to be highly inspirational as well as travels to Montreal & Quebec City this summer with her design partner Ben Burle. Yates enjoys studying art & architecture of public spaces, museums, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Debra recently completed a design book which features her large-scale mosaic murals, and paintings hanging in gardens and interiors she designs. Debra Yates’ visionary design firm Debra Yates Great Space, Inc. has established a design studio In Midtown Miami.

Debra says, “my painting influences my design and my design influences my painting”.

As an artist, Yates is known for the abstract nature of her bold mixed media paintings and mosaics. Yates is inspired by artists such as Jules Olitski, Helen Frankenthaler, Cy Twombly. Richard Diebenkorn, and Robert Motherwell, Large-scale commissions include two paintings she created for the Neiman Marcus Collection, the mosaic-tile semicircular wall at 73rd & Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, the multimedia barricade wall she composed for the Miami International Airport, and the painting which graces the Key West International Airport.

Yates’ large-scale abstract compositions leave a lasting impact. The primitive use of materials and bold strokes of black, create a sophisticated harmony on canvas.  “There is no agenda, nothing is contrived,” says Yates ” Gestures are not premeditated”

Debra Yates has more than earned her prize and has proven to be an exemplary visionary with this body of work where true emotion, movement, and style persist. The Art Place Wynwood is proud to share the pure vision of Debra Yates.

Bravo Debra, We are proud to have you.

Danilo Gonzalez, Director

The Art Place Wynwood

2722 NW 2nd Avenue

Miami, Fl 3312


Intrepid WORK Exhibition dates:  January 4 – 21, 2013

Contact: Molly Bo, Gallery Manager at

Gallery Hours:  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 1-6 PM; morning and weekends by appointmentImage

MIAMI MIX 2012 – ART BASEL at the Wynwood Warehouse Project

This gallery contains 7 photos.

MIAMI MIX 2012 at the WYNWOOD WAREHOUSE PROJECT @ 450 NW 27th St. The Art Place Wynwood, presents Miami Mix 2012 opening in their second location WYNWOOD WAREHOUSE PROJECT. Opening Saturday, December 1- 10 , 10AM-10PM. The Art Place Wynwood is thrilled to announce opening of THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT! After 4 years on NW 2nd … Continue reading

Winners of the Juried Competition, “TAP into Miniature”

Congratulations to all 26 artist who were selected to participate in “TAP into Miniature.”  In the end, the work was so great that the Juror chose 5 Honorable Mentions and awarded one Best in Show.  The Exhibition will be on display until Nov 27th, 2012.  Thank you for your support and participation!

Cat Del Buono – Best in Show for “Equal/Unequal”   ***click image to watch video

Annette Jaret – Honorable Mention for “Fog Reboundat Dawn”

Dale Stryker – Honorable Mention for “Wading in the Watuga”

Esther Mendoza – Honorable Mention for “White Man”

Toa Castellanos – Honorable Mention for “Pretty Face I”

Diana Unterspan – Honorable Mention for “Pupu Lips”

More photos of the Exhibition.

Visual Dialogue – Wynwood ART BASEL Week

The Art Place Wynwood, presents Visual Dialogue, a showcase of 12 artists during ART BASEL WEEK 2012. Exhibitions runs from December 1 – 17th, 2012. The gallery is hosting an Opening Reception on Wednesday, December 5th, 6-9 PM.

Director, Danilo Gonzalez, has this to say about “Visual Dialogue”.

“When I arrived in the Wynwood Art District four years ago the future of Wynwood was far from certain. Today, we see that the Art District is at a crucial point in its development process. My position as both an artist and a gallery director has provided me an unique perspective on these changes. I have witnessed the area transform itself into the interesting and stylish community that it is today. This has given me the opportunity to work with international artists such as Sara Roitman, the impressive photographer from Ecuador; Ada Balcacer, Eliu Almonte and Grimaldy Polanco from the Dominican Republic; extraordinary German expressionist Horst Kohem; and established artist, Delia Solari from Argentina. Wynwood has attracted Florida talents too, including sculptor, Deborah Gregg, environmentally conscious painter, Molly Bo, painter and spacial designer Debra Yates, abstract painter, Lauren Fogg and prominent artist, Carol Fryd. It is obvious that the Wynwood Art District has become a meeting point in the global art community for artists and art appreciators alike. I am proud to present “Visual Dialogues,” an exhibition whose objective is to expose the interconnection between different generations and the perspective of each artist that are connected yet different.

Together we are carving a space in the art world for the future of Wynwood.”

Learn More about the artists by viewing our Visual Dialogue Catalog


The Art Place Wynwood, presents Miami Mix 2012 opening in their second location THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT.

Opening Reception is Saturday Nov. 10 , 6-10 PM during the Wynwood Art Walk.

The Art Place Wynwood is thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT! After 4 years on NW 2nd Avenue we have acquired a 7300 square foot warehouse in the Heart of Wynwood. This is our second location, we are NOT moving, we are growing! Now with two locations we can continue to provide a multitude of opportunities to local and international artists. Join us next second Saturday to witness the launching of Miami Mix 2012, our artist showcase for ART BASEL WEEK!

We will also have a live musical performance by ANIMAL SPOUSE!

THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT  |  450 NW 27th St. Miami, FL 33127  |  850-499-4755


Marcela Garcia Bonini / Rishona Cann / Toa Castellanos / Claudia Di Paolo / Sol Gersh Mark Gonzalez / Cory Hunter / Carolina Llano / Maranesi / Scott MarsicanoAlexis Martinez / Beatrice McClelland / Lauren Ashley Munoz / Michelle OravitzMiguel Payano / Christy Perez / Judy Polstra / Juan Restrepo / Dlynn Roll / Santiago Rueda / April Saler / Dale Stryker / Sacha Suarez

Marcela Garcia Bonini Opening Reception

The Art Place Wynwood, proudly presents Recent Work, paintings by Argentinean artist Marcela Garcia Bonini in The Project Room.  Opening Reception is Friday Nov. 9 , 6-9 PM; Wynwood Art Walk,  Saturday Nov. 11, 6-11 PM.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she lived until 2002, Bonini now in resides in Miami, Fl, since December 2011. The Art Place Wynwood is pleased to introduce the Wynwood Art District to the metaphysical paintings of Marcela Garcia Bonini.

Bonini has this to say about her latest works, “Miami has so much to offer in terms of color, sounds, scents, a rich culture and warm and friendly people. What I love the most to reflect on my paintings is the luxurious vegetation: the trees, the orchids, the parks, the lawns. I have my own vision of these and I have tried to reflect it on the works in the show. My idea is to show the power I see beyond the trunks and leaves, the energy that the trees have and transmit through their colors, shades and movement. I hope that my paintings can transmit the positive vibes that I feel when I immerse myself in nature.”

If you are intrigued, Bonini is offering an Artist Talk at 7 PM on Friday during the Opening Reception where we will learn more about her inspiration and techniques.

Miami Salsa II: Carol Fryd

The Art Place Wynwood, presents Miami Salsa II, paintings and collages by prominent Miami based artist Carol Fryd.  Opening reception is Wednesday Oct. 10 , 6-11 PM; Wynwood Art Walk,  Saturday Oct. 13 , 6-11 PM.

Miami Salsa returns home from the Museo de las Casas Reales in Santo Domingo DR. Curated by the country’s top art critic, Abil Peralta Aguero it opened March 20, 2012 with a gala reception attended by  the Israeli ambassador to the DR, Members of the Dominican Government and Dominican artists and collectors.

A native Floridian who moved to Miami Beach at age two, Fryd co-founded Miami’s first women’s art coop, The Continuum Gallery.  There on fifty first street on Miami Beach ten fiercely serious women artists brought such top art luminaries as John Chamberlain, Betty Parsons, Professor Tom Banshoff of Brown University, Jack Flam , Matisse expert, Walter Darby Bannard , Peter Kahn,  and the famous photographer Roman Vishniac to Miami Beach.  Women’s issues remain a motif of Fryd’s work.  Goddesses and self portraits dot her collages.

But, it is the bright colors and salsa rhythms that are front and center of this show. Diane Camber, Director of the Bass Museum from 1980 until 2007 referred to her work as a “transcendent feast” and Elisa Turner said “Fryd has pagan grace and power.” Danilo Gonzalez, Director of The Art Place Wynwood describes Fryd as “a pioneer of digital art, fearlessly creating a language of sublime constructivism uniquely her own.”

Carol Fryd hails from the Hans Hofmann tradition, having studied extensively with his New York star pupils James Billmyer and Nieves Billmyer. A colorist, the excitement and hot juicy hues of her palette are matched only by the intensity and heat of the Miami Sun. Twentieth century artistic influences include Bonnard, Stuart Davis, Picasso and Matisse, but her voice is distinctly her own.  Fryd continues to push the envelope by exploring the use of computer generated drawings that find their way into her large works on canvas. Upcoming Museum shows include a one person show, Bible Stories Reexamined at the Jewish Museum of South Florida, May 20 through November 2013 and Master and Student: James Billmyer and Carol Fryd at the Museo del Arte Moderno in the DR.

Contact: Molly Bo, Gallery Manager at

Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday 1-6 PM