Creative Workshop


The Art Place Wynwood is committed to enriching the community by contributing a series of events throughout the year including individual, group, and juried shows, conferences, workshops, and promoting art in all levels. We are pleased to announce our 7 week Creative Workshop this Summer for young Artists, ages 8-16, designed to culturally enrich and further develop their budding creativity and enthusiasm for self expression. Our program offers a total immersion experience by way of offering art workshops inside the walls of a Contemporary Art Gallery. Students are not only learning from Professional working artists but are also in a cocoon of contemporary art. With exhibitions on rotation around them, there is no want for inspiration at The Art Place Wynwood.


Large Indoor and Outdoor Studio spaces furnished with easels.

Small Class sizes for one on one instruction.

Group settings designed to encourage constructive criticism and collaboration between peers.

Exercising conceptual thinking and expression.

Art history and Contemporary Art lessons.

Drawing and painting techniques taught by Contemporary working Artists.


2012 Summer Session: Ages 8 – 16, July 1 – August 17

Scheduled Class Time: 9am – 12pm (Monday – Friday)

Tuition Rates: (Tuition must be paid in full before workshop begins)

Full-Time 5 day/week (15 hours) 7 week tuition $1200

Part Time 3 day/week (9 hours) 7 week tuition $760

Part Time 2 day/week (6 hours) 7 week tuition $560


MONDAY: Young artists will discover their ability to draw with techniques in pencil and charcoal while learning the development of drawing through Art History.

TUESDAY: Our intention is to take the student to another level in their art making. They will begin to experience the power and complexity of color. Through demonstrations the student will acquire an understanding of color theory as well as develop a personal color style.

WEDNESDAY: We will journey through major Art Movements with images, lectures, and discussions geared toward the development of art from the cave paintings of Lascaux to the action painting of Jackson Pollock.

THURSDAY: Students will examine the important developments of Master Artists. Gathering an understanding of how to achieve a similar style as well as why that style change is significant to Contemporary Art.

FRIDAY: We reserve Friday as Fun Day with visiting Artist lectures and workshops. Students will be painting with music and learning the techniques of Contemporary Artists.



Experience Color Tuesday

Art History


Master Artist


Surprise Visitor


Week 1

Line Drawing




Painting with Music

Week 2

Drawing with Shapes

Mixing Secondary Color



Painting with Music

Week 3

Drawing forms




Painting with Music

Week 4


Making black



Painting with Music

Week 5


Color Temperature



Painting with Music

Week 6

Blind Contour Drawing

Color Schemes


Salvador Dali

Painting with Music

Week 7

Live Drawing

Splatter, Spray, Drip



Jackson Pollock

Painting with Music


Our Creative Workshops have limited enrollment with a maximum of 8 to 10 students per class, and thus fill very quickly. Early registration is strongly recommended! A completed Creative Workshop Registration Form must be accompanied by full payment in order to reserve a space in the class.


ENROLLMENTEach class must have at least (4) students. If the minimum enrollment requirement is not met, the class will be canceled. Registrants will be notified if the class is canceled 48 hours before the scheduled starting date and receive a full refund.
FEES are due at the time of registration. You may mail in a money order with the registration form, stop into the office and pay with cash or credit card, or pay using PayPal.
Materials list provided upon registration.
Registration ends June 30, before class begins.
WITHDRAWL/REFUND: to withdraw from a class and receive a full refund, you must contact The Art Place Wynwood by the registration deadline. Non-refunds for students withdrawing from a class after the registration deadline.


The Art Place Wynwood appreciates prior notification when a student knows he or she will be absent. If a student misses class due to illness, the instructor will try to get the student caught up during the following class. If a student misses class for personal reasons (parties, vacations, etc.), no makeups will be granted. No pro-rates are given for missed classes. No makeups are given during Summer Workshop session.

CONTACT Molly Bo, Art Educator/Assistant Director, / 850.499.4755

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