Opening Reception of Intrepid WORK: Solo Exhibition of Debra Yates

Congratulation Debra on a beautiful Exhibition!  Thank you to all who attended!

Intrepid WORK runs until Jan 21, 2013.

Debra Yates’ Solo Exhibition of Painting : Intrepid WORK

The Art Place Wynwood, presents Intrepid WORK, a solo exhibition of simple yet strong, large-scale paintings by Debra Yates. 


Exhibition dates:  January 4 – 21, 2013

Opening reception is Thursday, January 10, 6-9 PM

Wynwood Art Walk,  Saturday, January 12, 6-11 PM.  

In the summer of 2012, Debra Yates won ‘Best in Show’ at The Art Place Wynwood’s 1st Annual Juried Painting Show. Now the Key West painter \ spatial designer, returns for a solo show in the Wynwood Art District and puts a modern spin on Abstract Expressionism. 

Growing up in Key West may have provided Yates with island roots, but she is also well traveled. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in advertising design, she studied art history in Florence, Italy, began her design career in New York, and visited her friend and Mentor Roberto Burle Marx, the renowned father of modern landscape architecture & abstract painter, in Brazil annually.

 A recent trip to the Venice Biennale proved to be highly inspirational as well as travels to Montreal & Quebec City this summer with her design partner Ben Burle. Yates enjoys studying art & architecture of public spaces, museums, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Debra recently completed a design book which features her large-scale mosaic murals, and paintings hanging in gardens and interiors she designs. Debra Yates’ visionary design firm Debra Yates Great Space, Inc. has established a design studio In Midtown Miami.

Debra says, “my painting influences my design and my design influences my painting”.

As an artist, Yates is known for the abstract nature of her bold mixed media paintings and mosaics. Yates is inspired by artists such as Jules Olitski, Helen Frankenthaler, Cy Twombly. Richard Diebenkorn, and Robert Motherwell, Large-scale commissions include two paintings she created for the Neiman Marcus Collection, the mosaic-tile semicircular wall at 73rd & Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, the multimedia barricade wall she composed for the Miami International Airport, and the painting which graces the Key West International Airport.

Yates’ large-scale abstract compositions leave a lasting impact. The primitive use of materials and bold strokes of black, create a sophisticated harmony on canvas.  “There is no agenda, nothing is contrived,” says Yates ” Gestures are not premeditated”

Debra Yates has more than earned her prize and has proven to be an exemplary visionary with this body of work where true emotion, movement, and style persist. The Art Place Wynwood is proud to share the pure vision of Debra Yates.

Bravo Debra, We are proud to have you.

Danilo Gonzalez, Director

The Art Place Wynwood

2722 NW 2nd Avenue

Miami, Fl 3312


Intrepid WORK Exhibition dates:  January 4 – 21, 2013

Contact: Molly Bo, Gallery Manager at

Gallery Hours:  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 1-6 PM; morning and weekends by appointmentImage

Visual Dialogue – Wynwood ART BASEL Week

The Art Place Wynwood, presents Visual Dialogue, a showcase of 12 artists during ART BASEL WEEK 2012. Exhibitions runs from December 1 – 17th, 2012. The gallery is hosting an Opening Reception on Wednesday, December 5th, 6-9 PM.

Director, Danilo Gonzalez, has this to say about “Visual Dialogue”.

“When I arrived in the Wynwood Art District four years ago the future of Wynwood was far from certain. Today, we see that the Art District is at a crucial point in its development process. My position as both an artist and a gallery director has provided me an unique perspective on these changes. I have witnessed the area transform itself into the interesting and stylish community that it is today. This has given me the opportunity to work with international artists such as Sara Roitman, the impressive photographer from Ecuador; Ada Balcacer, Eliu Almonte and Grimaldy Polanco from the Dominican Republic; extraordinary German expressionist Horst Kohem; and established artist, Delia Solari from Argentina. Wynwood has attracted Florida talents too, including sculptor, Deborah Gregg, environmentally conscious painter, Molly Bo, painter and spacial designer Debra Yates, abstract painter, Lauren Fogg and prominent artist, Carol Fryd. It is obvious that the Wynwood Art District has become a meeting point in the global art community for artists and art appreciators alike. I am proud to present “Visual Dialogues,” an exhibition whose objective is to expose the interconnection between different generations and the perspective of each artist that are connected yet different.

Together we are carving a space in the art world for the future of Wynwood.”

Learn More about the artists by viewing our Visual Dialogue Catalog

Introducing Our Newest Talent

We are  thrilled to introduce The Art Place Wynwood’s newest House Artists, Debra Yates and Lauren Fogg!  A collection of works by both of our talented artists will be available for viewing this coming August 11 during the Wynwood Art District 2nd Saturday Artwalk 5-10 PM. Interested collectors may contact for additional available paintings.


As an abstract painter/spatial designer, I am always surprised by the changes in my work. These recent works seem to have a vibrant mind of their own. Large gestures are spontaneous and the paintings evolve from there. Part of the light and joyful feel of this body of work came in part from my studio at the Studios of Key West. My studio is large and sunny with high ceilings. I feel free to come and go, leave the work, lock the door…being there is a wonderful thing. Happiness and love of life is evident in every painting. My work has always been about proportion, scale, balance, color and texture. What happens after I begin a piece is always a surprise. Line and shape create a harmony that when each painting is complete is in perfect balance. Colors change with my mood or the colors that I see on my island. Much of my inspiration stems from the 15 trips to Brazil to visit my dear friend and mentor, Roberto Burle Marx, and from my island roots.


From the time Lauren Fogg was born she has been a world traveler. Growing up in a military family in Germany, she had seen most of Europe by the time she was 7, which has engrained her with endless love for traveling. While she enjoys visiting cities of the world, her real passion is to explore the great outdoors and its natural wonders. Trips throughout North America, Europe and Asia’s vast wildernesses have become the muses for the painting of her abstracted landscapes. Lauren graduated from the University of West Florida with her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in 2009. She has been commissioned for multiple large scale works, including a painting for the University of West Florida’s Psychology Building entitled “It’s Quiet in Montana,” as well as works for her personal collectors in the Northwest Florida and Memphis, Tennessee areas. Lauren now lives in Memphis, where she has had a solo exhibition in downtown Memphis’ restaurant Flight as well as a solo exhibition in the Energy Gallery in Memphis’ South Main Art’s District. She works as a full time artist, focusing her energy on building up a large body of work that expresses her love of nature through the medium of oil paint.